Hit CounterAre you a Muscular Women ?

Hi my name is Sarah and iŽm brazilian student of physical education. I making  a thesis for my M.D. about women sports and the society. In sports which need more physical power like bodybuilding, powerlift and others i prefer make the research by Internet because iŽll have opinions of various peoples across the world about muscular women. So, if you are a muscular women please help me filling the form below (all informations keep private) with yours informations and when my research is done iŽll send the results for you.

Thank you very much and sorry my mistakes with the English
Bye !!!


Personal Questions

Name  Age


Weight Height
Biceps Chest Thigh

e-mail adress

Training Questions

How many time you spend in your training session (per week) ?

10 to 20  21 to 30  more than 40

Which exercise do you prefer?

Curls Leg press Bench Press

What the max weight you lifted since began your training?


Do you practice some combat sport, like:

Karate Boxing Judo Wrestling

What you think about the anabolic drugs? (e.g.:testosterone)

Social Questions

The muscular body inflict you some discrimination by other peoples?

If you are married or have a boyfriend, what his think about "Love an Amazon"?


Which muscle you like flex?

Biceps Chest Thigh Calves Triceps

Why ?

How Strong are You ? (You can smash an apple in your hands, crush a nut between yours thighs, and others stuffs :D)


Any questions or comments send a mail to me