Muscular Women

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Personal Questions

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Weight Height
Biceps Chest Thigh

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Training Questions

How many time you spend in your training session (per week) ?

10 to 20  21 to 30  more than 40

Which exercise do you prefer?

Curls Leg press Bench Press Squat

What the max weight you lifted since began your training and which exercise?


Do you practice some combat sport, like:

Karate Boxing Judo Wrestling

What you think about the anabolic drugs? (e.g.:testosterone)

Why you begun a traning to became strong and muscular ?

Social Questions

The muscular body inflict you some discrimination by other peoples?

If you are married or have a boyfriend, what his think about "Love an Amazon"?

Yours parents agree your sport ?

Yes;   No;
Are you fight against men

Yes;   No;


Which muscle do you like see flexing in your body?

Biceps Chest Thigh Calves Triceps

Why ?


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